Delivery Information


          5.1    Delivery method The seller will choose a delivery method when placing an order according to currently available options. Possible delivery methods are as follows:            (i)   delivery by courier
Goods delivery period depends on the selected delivery method and the carrier's procedure.
          5.2    Goods takeover by the consumer Goods is considered taken over by the consumer at the moment when the consumer or a third party appointed by him, with the exception of carrier, takes over all items ordered or, if
(i)     the goods ordered by the consumer in one order is delivered separately, at the moment when the goods that was delivered as the last was taken over,
(ii)    the goods consisting of several items or pieces is being delivered, at the moment the last item or the last piece was taken over,
(iii)   the goods is being delivered repeatedly during a specified period, at the moment the first delivered goods was taken over.
          5.3      Additional costs If a shipping method has been agreed on the basis of the buyer's requirement and the shipping method differs from shipping methods stated in these business terms and conditions, the buyer bears the risk and possible additional costs associated with this shipping method. If, under the purchase contract, the seller is obligated to deliver goods to a place specified by the buyer in his order, the buyer is obligated to take the goods over when delivered. If, for a reason on the part of the buyer, it is necessary to deliver the goods repeatedly or in a different way than stated in the order, the buyer is obligated to pay the costs associated with the repeated delivery of the goods or the costs associated with a different delivery method. When taking the goods, the buyer is obligated to inspect the package for possible damage and if there are any defects the buyer is obligated to immediately inform the carrier about this. In the case of an obvious damage to the package and suspected unlawful handling of the shipment, the buyer is obligated to inform the carrier about this fact.
          5.4     Goods damaged by carrier A complaint about possible failure to deliver goods due to carrier's fault or a damage to the goods caused by the carrier must be lodged to the carrier's employee.