Vegan coffee protein coconut bar by JANY LANDL - 40g / BOX of 16 pcs

REDCOCO VEGAN protein bar with coconut flakes, roasted almonds and coffee is the first Slovak certified vegan bar. The high content of protein and fiber ranks this bar among the innovative foods for all who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

More info & benefits

      • for vegans and consumers who prefer healthy lifestyle
      • supported by athletes and celebrities
      • high content of plant proteins
      • without added artificial dyes and flavors
      • real taste of roasted coffee and almonds
      • without added sugar
      • suitable as a healthy snack

      100% natural
      No added sugar
      Gluten free
      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

      Nutrition information

      per 100
      Energy 1642 kJ / 392 kcal
      Fat 17 g
      of which Saturates 8,1 g
      Carbohydrates 48 g
      of which Sugars 31 g
      Fiber 15 g
      Protein 20 g
      Salt 0,07 g